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10 reasons why dogs are good for your health

By Thomas Magee 07.07.16
10 reasons why dogs are good for your health

10 reasons why dogs are good for your health

Being a dog owner has many benefits, most of which relate to improving your health.

Stroking your dog can reduce your blood pressure, your furry friend gets you out and exercising, and they can even save your life.

Read on to discover 10 reasons why owning a dog is good for you, and your family.

Health & physical benefits


Dogs require daily exercise, which means you will get at least 30 minutes of exercise a day when you go for ‘walkies.’

We know that it’s hard to stay motivated when it comes to fitness, but your dog is one of the best motivators you will find because they love going out. Try convincing your dog that it’s better to stay in and watch TV; he or she will not agree.

If you’re looking for something to do with your dog, other than walking, take a look at a blog post we recently published which looks at six fun activities and sports you and your dog can do together.

Allergies and asthma

A study carried out by the University of California San Francisco found that children who are exposed to dogs in early infancy are less likely to develop asthma and allergies than those who were not exposed to dogs early in life. The study found that ‘dog-associated dust’ helped to protect the airways.

Dogs lower your blood pressure

Studies have also found that dogs can lower your blood pressure and heart rate. One study found that being in the presence of a dog can lower your heart rate and blood pressure more than being in the presence of your friends or partner.

Dogs can be life savers

Dogs are incredible. They are so much more than family pets. They can give blind people their independence, they can reduce anxiety, they can predict seizures, they can ‘smell’ low blood sugar, and they can even sniff out cancer.

Is there anything dogs can’t do?


Dogs are natural conversation starters

No, we’re not trying to suggest they can talk – unless you’re the owner of this Husky.

Many people love dogs, and owners are often approached by friendly strangers and fellow dog owners who ask about the dog’s breed, and want to give him or her some attention. (Come on, we’ve all done this at least once.)

Our clients often receive comments about how well-trained and well-behaved their dog is!

There’s a reason dogs are man’s best friend

Own up; how many of you have ‘conversations’ with your dog? Dogs provide great companionship, and can offer the same level of friendship as a human being.


Dogs make us happy

As well as making your dog happy, stroking your dog makes you happy by releasing dopamine and serotonin. These are nerve transmitters which have a pleasurable and calming effect, and it’s for this reason that dogs can be very beneficial to people with autism or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Dogs decrease feelings of anxiety

Continuing from our point above, the hormones released when you stroke a dog can decrease feelings of anxiousness.

It’s also been found that owning a dog can be helpful for those suffering with depression for a number of reasons, including companionship and having a routine.


Dog owners feel much safer in their own homes, or out in the evening, because their furry friend provides a sense of security.

Many dogs will alert their owner to a stranger at the door, and we can train and provide dogs to protect you, your family, and your home.

Dogs alleviate work stress

If your company allows it, taking your dog to the office can alleviate work-related stress. Having your dog at work also forces you to take regularly breaks which you may not take otherwise, which means you return to your desk feeling energised and refreshed.

We are also able to incorporate obedience training in an office environment into your dog’s training so that your dog is well-prepared to go to work with you.

Bonus: funny dog photos

Most dog owners are guilty of having a few photos on their phone of their dogs doing silly things, or having funny expressions on their faces. And without man’s best friend, we wouldn’t see gems like these.

If you are considering getting a dog, get in touch to find out about our pre-trained family dogs.

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