Aftercare Support

At WKD we realise better than any other supplier that no matter what business you look at things cannot always go completely smoothly. We also realise that a good reputation is not based upon always getting it right but rather it is the way in which issues are handled which really makes the difference between a happy client and one who is delighted.

It's important to remember, we are dealing with living, breathing animals - NOT ROBOTS

Since our very first trained dog we have offered a six month back up service completely free of charge (subject to a few criteria) to ensure that if things aren’t going perfectly with your new dog we will be there to help in quickly and efficiently.

On the odd occasion that one of our clients is experiencing difficulties with one of our dogs we are ready to act over the telephone, through videos or in person - we are not concerned with the hours spent travelling, the time away from the business or anything else, our sole concern is based around the happiness of you and your new dog.

Because of our huge amount of experience the majority of remedial issues we have are dealt with very quickly over the telephone, in some cases we may send the owner a video or two in order to help iron your handling issues and sometimes, if the steps already taken haven't had the desired effect on of our trainers will come to visit you and your dog at your home for no charge whatsoever.

Why do we offer this industry leading guarantee?

Because we believe that we are the best at what we do and are happy to put our money where our mouths are - if you need our help, we will be there, completely free of charge to get you and your new dog back on the right path. Another benefit of this unique back up service is that it ensures that we are pushed to continually improve our service because there is a real cost attributed each and every time we have to leave site to visit a client. Our striving for never ending improvement has gotten us to where we are today and we are continually adjusting our practices based upon the real results we have experienced the month before.

As of 2021, to further improve our client experience, once you are matched with a WKD dog you will be assigned a designated trainer who will, wherever possible, follow you through the rest of your journey including post handover support where required. During your dogs training you will receive regular updates and post handover have an immediate contact should you need any assistance.

New for 2021
Having spent 7 Years solving the conundrum of how to supply a trained dog to a novice owner in a manner where the training remains, we are now, in our ever-proactive manner, happy to announce that as of October we are further enhancing our offering with both pre and post- handover online courses to guide you through the inevitable settling in period and beyond.

A WKD Dog has been selected, matched, trained and handed over in a way which means maintaining training over the long term is a simple as following some easy exercises when spending time with your Dog.

Previously, we would send these video exercises or answer questions as they arose, now, we do it via our unrivalled WKD Online Training Platform - A Trainer in your pocket 24/7


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