Assistance dogs

With thousands of Dogs successfully supplied to Families around the World and after becoming aware of the huge number of Families with a member who have additional needs WKD decided, in line with our mission of improving the lives of dogs and people around the world to put our unique skill set and experience to use in the assistance dog sector.

Having already supplied many of our dogs as family companions to clients with additional needs it quickly became apparent that whilst a person with additional needs may require assistance from their dog in certain areas of life the core requirements from the dog remain the same as those of any other dog owner.

We have now, by using our well practiced approach successfully matched and trained numerous assistance, service and psychological support dogs for clients. These dogs have been well tested by their owners and we are now, because of the impossible waiting lists elsewhere and many people who are deemed to be ineligible in the eyes of the charities making this service publicly available.

As ever, regardless of the need, the key to getting the perfect partnership is having a thorough and in depth understanding of the handlers needs, a great understanding of our individual dogs and the ability to prepare these special dogs for their owners in a way which will impact both lives in a positive manner.

With the ability and already proven success to get our dogs fully accredited and recognised with the relevant bodies we offer an alternative to the other routes for people who are not eligible, cannot wait for the extended times currently being quoted, or have had bad experiences.


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"Thanks for finding such a wonderful black labrador as Winnie, she is so well behaved in the home and a total bundle of fun when we are out walking" Ruth & Mike

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