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Baker Family and Penny

By Edgar 05.11.18
Baker Family and Penny

Baker Family and Penny

We went to Matt and his team at WKD after speaking to him on the phone and explaining our desire as a family to own a dog, but how to get over the hurdle of our daughter’s nervousness around them. After discussions, Penny the black Cocker Spaniel, seemed to fit the personality of dog that would suit our family, with her soft nature and her tendency to roll over for a tummy tickle rather than jump up for attention, she was perfect for our daughter. We went to meet Matt and Penny and took a liking to both immediately; Matt spoke directly to our daughter and took note of her concerns and then worked with Penny for a few more weeks perfecting her skills and ensuring she would stay down even if she got excited. The word “down” would get her to drop to the floor and lie down. This gave us immense confidence that should our daughter get a little stressed if playing with Penny got too boisterous, we were quickly able to stop and control Penny and calm her down.

Penny has fitted into our family perfectly. With the groundwork on commands with Matt, it has been easy to teach Penny the family rules. It only took 2-3 days to teach Penny not to go upstairs; she now patiently sits at the bottom of the stairs waiting for you to come back down and doesn’t even put a foot on the bottom step!

Our daughter is still nervous of other dogs and we still have problems if we encounter a bigger dog out on a walk, but that’s fine by us as it teaches her respect for all dogs and not to presume everyone is as soft as Penny.

Penny is a pleasure to have around and we quite often get compliments on her behaviour when out walking. We recently took her to a country fair and had a go at agility, which Penny was quite good at, but it did involve us climbing over the course first to show her how it’s done! Then our daughter entered into 3 classes in a dog show, winning rosettes in all of them but winning 1st in the category of “Dog the Judges would most like to take home” and I think that sums up our experience with Matt and WKD perfectly

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