Trained Cockapoo for Sale: Why Choose WKD for Your Next Dog

Known as one of the first ‘designer dogs,’ you are probably looking for a trained Cockapoo for sale from WKD because of its hypoallergenic coat and low shedding. As the name would imply, the Cockapoo was bred from the small Cocker Spaniel and the non shedding Poodle, both of which are extremely loyal and when bred together the result is a small non shedding Dog.

Are you looking for a smaller companion that does well in literally any situation or living arrangement? That would be a trained Cockapoo for sale from WKD. We take great pride in knowing our dogs are tested in literally every area from temperament to physical characteristics and we go the extra step to ensure that your Cockapoo will be the dog of your dreams.

Temperament of the Cockapoo

As with any breed the Cockapoo will display a full range of traits both desirable and problematic and the key to success is the ability to select the right mixture. When correctly temperament tested and matched with an owner it is the perfect lap or therapy dog because he is extremely affectionate. Correctly selected Cockapoos do well with children and adults and can be trained to be the perfect companion dog to the physically or mentally challenged as well as for seniors who live alone and need a loyal companion.

Cockapoos – Exercise Needed

Although not a work or herding dog, the combination of breeds – both strong working Dogs can, if not carefully selected and trained end up as a bundle of energy that never stops and requires a great deal of exercise. At WKD, with our huge amount of experience supplying trained Dogs we are able to assess individual Dogs to perfectly match the amount of exercise you can offer. When the perfect match is achieved they do well in town and country, and can adjust well to apartments or large homes alike. The good news when seeking a Cockapoo for sale from WKD is that we are perfectly equipped to ensure you find the right Cockapoo for sale from our range of available trained Dogs.

Breed Specific Summary on the Cockapoo

Trained Cockapoo’s for sale from WKD offer the prospective owners we encounter a small, temperament matched, tailor trained companion. Whether you want a companion for mum and dad in their golden years or a dog that will gladly spend his days frolicking with the kids, this is the ideal dog to suit all purposes and will never let you down when you’re in need of a hearty laugh. Please visit our dogs for sale page or call us to discuss your requirements.


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