Trained Cocker Spaniel for Sale: Why Choose WKD for Your Next Dog

Trained Cocker Spaniel for Sale: Why Choose WKD for Your Next Dog

Trained Cocker Spaniel for Sale: Why Choose WKD for Your Next Dog

Trained Cocker Spaniel for Sale: Why Choose WKD for Your Next Dog
If you are looking for a lovable Cocker Spaniel for sale, one that likes nothing better than to snuggle up on your lap while you enjoy your favourite programme on television or that will romp about the lawn with the kids, you really can’t do better than a temperament tested and WKD trained Cocker Spaniel.

The Cocker Spaniel is a relatively recent breed that wasn’t recognized as a breed until the late 19th Century; 1873 in fact. Originally named the “Cocking Spaniel”, the Cocker Spaniel was at first known for its ability to flush woodcock. Nowadays, Cocker Spaniels are in a class known as gundogs and you’ll notice a difference between the workers and the show dogs. Workers are thinner and more energetic whilst the show side of the breed is thicker in build and suggested to be a bit less active. It is worth bearing in mind that these generalisations are very misleading and there are extremely laid back working Cockers and show Cockers which are very high energy and show immense instinct to hunt. We fail many show type Dogs for being extremely high energy. Always remember that the key to a good dog and owner bond is the correct temperament match of the Dog. This can only be achieved on an individual basis and not because a book suggests a certain strain of a breed will suit your requirements over another.

Temperament of the Cocker Spaniel

When matching a breed with the wants and needs of prospective owners looking for specific qualities in a dog, the one thing that is almost assured throughout the breed is that the correctly selected Cocker Spaniel (less than ten percent) is the epitome of a family dog. This dog loves human companionship and will like nothing better than romping around with the kids, but as mentioned, it is equally pleased cuddled up on a winters night.

As a medium to medium-long haired dog, the small Cocker Spaniel needs to be groomed regularly although they can be clipped.

Cocker Spaniels – Exercise Needed

Whilst in general Cocker Spaniels of both the show and working strain are said to require lots and lots of exercise at WKD we only select Dogs which will be content with an hour of exercise a Day but are physically capable of much more. This usually works very well for the majority of professional couples and young families as they have the opportunity to be very active with their Cocker Spaniel and the weekend but then, during the week enjoy a Dog which does not require excessive amounts of walking.

Breed Specific Summary on the Cocker Spaniel

Cocker Spaniels do well in almost any size home because they are considered to be a small breed, albeit on the high end of small.  When correctly selected they don’t really need a huge garden to exercise in because of their small stature and lower than typical energy levels but don’t let this fool you, only a small number of the Cocker Spaniels we temperament test are deemed suitable for the typical family home. The average Cocker Spaniel does need high amounts of exercise each and every day. That said, the WKD Cocker can live equally well in small homes, large estates or even in a smallish flat.

When assessing the dog’s temperament to place it in the right home, WKD looks for a forever family that wants a lovable companion dog that thrives on attention from its humans whilst being happy to be left alone and comfortable with an hour of exercise a day to be content. If you think this sounds like you, take a look at our dogs for sale or call us to discuss your requirements.