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At WKD we are fortunate to have had a truly unique insight into dogs and their owners which unquestionably set us apart. We believe that if you are looking to improve the relationship, bond and behaviour of your dog in a manner which is easy to apply, simple to understand and quick to work then you won’t find anybody else that can do it better than us.

When we initially began supplying trained pet dogs we thought it would be as simple as purchasing a friendly, outgoing dog which was highly motivated to learn and then teach the dog not to partake in the common difficulties which most owners have to put up with such as pulling on lead, not stealing food, not jumping up, not pulling through doorway, running off, chasing animals etc. Once we had achieved this we would train the dog a high level of obedience and supply the dog to the client with a comprehensive handover.

In the first year we supplied just over one hundred fully trained family companions which left us as exceptionally well behaved companions. Little did we know that within a week or two we would be giving full refunds for a full forty five percent of these dogs and taking them back into our care because the clients weren’t happy. It quickly became apparent that the owners and everyday life were quickly causing the dog to revert to it’s untrained state. Clearly something needed to change in our approach and we immediately set about finding a way to solve the issue which lead to a reduction in remedial issues down to just three percent whilst tripling the number of dogs we supplied to 296 in 2017. We are extremely proud of these statistics, especially when its taken into consideration that each and every client has unique requirements, family set up and environment.

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When first tackling the problem we knew that the dogs were reverting because the new owners weren't behaving like skilled dog trainers and the dogs were being exposed to completely different interactions than we would give them as trainers. It is a fact that most problem behaviours that dogs display are the direct result of how their owners treat them and the environments that they live in and exercise at on a daily basis - this is why your dog will behave better when a trainer is with you than when you are alone again after a training session.

We knew that we would never be able to get our clients to behave like dog trainers and replicate our movements, gestures or voice control and so we began to work on overcoming every issue we couldn't control by changing our approach to the elements that we we could. We also quickly realised that there were some fundamental flaws in the approach to training that most trainers use either when training a dog theirselves or working with a dog and owner which ultimately led to a great lack of success for the owner despite sometimes considerable financial outlay.

It is also a fact that most dog trainers have a business model which makes them more profitable if they don’t give the client success - that may sound a little harsh but think about it, as soon as they have solved your problems you will have no need to return for further training. When we see clients after supplying a trained dog or training a dog residentially we do so free of charge for six months after the handover and that achieves two things, it ensures that we are always striving to produce results for our clients but also that when seeing a client free of charge we ideally want to meet them, solve the issue and then not have to see them again. The looming pressure of unlimited visits to a client, free of charge in the first six months of ownership/after training has lead to us developing training techniques which are easy for a client to follow, a handover which is simple but covers all the necessary handling and an unparalleled understanding of exactly how pet dog owners respond and react to their dog, how to explain where it is going wrong and how to easily get them doing it right long after we have gone home.

We have broken down our teaching into three most crucial areas of dog handling/ownership and then within those three areas we have found the key to giving you long lasting results which were easy to achieve for years to come. There are certain elements of training that we have uncovered which are paramount to your success and the biggest difference between us and other trainers is that we see it from your point of view - we know you don't want to be out for hours every day training your dog, we understand that some people’s voice isn’t as loud as ours when we call our dogs back to us, we realise that you want to go for leisurely walks rather than into obedience competitions.

If you have been elsewhere to try and solve your dogs issues and not had success, if you are planning on getting a dog and are looking into training options or if you just want your dog to be better behaved then contact us now to receive a long lasting, effective and friendly service which will truly revolutionise the life that you and your dog share.

There are a number of ways in which we can help you achieve a better relationship with your dog. Each route offers different benefits to the owner but all of them help achieve your desired end goal of a happy life and partnership with your dog. At WKD we can offer you the following options for reaching your training goals.

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