We are pleased to introduce you to Siga. Whilst we have supplied many Vizsla over the years of both smooth and wire coated types Siga gives the best of both worlds as he is a cross between the two. If you prefer a slightly longer coat but are put off by the beards that wire haired dogs have then Siga is the perfect compromise. A lovely sweet natured boy that is eager to please, easy to handle and loves a fuss he is certainly not to be overlooked. Siga is typical of any dog which passes our stringent temperament tests and is happy left alone, great with people and other dogs and once he has completed his training in a few weeks he will be ready to join your home. Get in touch to find out more about the lovely Siga!


At WKD we don’t believe in breed stereotypes – we believe that every dog is an individual and we won’t work with a dog unless it passes our stringent temperament tests to ensure that it will be a well behaved, affectionate and biddable dog in your home. Vizsla are known for being prone to separation anxiety, high in energy and needy. Holly is none of these things, she is a polite, biddable and relaxed dog who loves to have a fuss but is equally happy being left home alone. Holly will be ready to leave us for her new home soon so don’t delay in making contact!


Tomi is a highly affectionate Hungarian Vizsla. A very loving dog who is extreamly eager to please.


Heidi is a fabulous Hungarian Vizsla. She is friendly and soft natured. A perfect girl who will make a lovely addition to a family.


Here we have Sadie, our beautiful Hungarian Vizsla. Sadie is a very sociable dog; she gets along brilliantly with our cats and livestock and performs exactly how a dog that has passed our unique and rigorous temperament testing should do. She is sweet natured and calm in the home, making her your perfect pet and a pleasure to own.


Tina is a sweet little soul, she is a compact vizsla but all good things come in little packages. She loves a run off the lead most of all but quickly returns at the drop of a hat.