Axel is one of our new arrivals, and is currently completing assessment with us before entering his final training stage. Axel is an Irish Setter

To register an interest in Axel please either complete an online application form, available on this website, or send an email to


For more information or to register an interest in Quigg please complete a contact form or application form


For more information about Brandy please complete an application form or call us on 01785761441


More details to follow soon.

If you are interested in knowing more about Reggie, please fill in an application form or contact us directly.


Reeba is a beautiful sweet natured dog that is not typical for her breed. She is polite and loving and enjoys spending time with people. She is engaged in her training sessions and works hard to please. She has now completed all elements of her training and is ready to leave for the right home. Please do get in touch if Reeba is your ideal dog, and we will be happy to discuss her further.