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We are pleased to introduce you to Siga. Whilst we have supplied many Vizsla over the years of both smooth and wire coated types Siga gives the best of both worlds as he is a cross between the two. If you prefer a slightly longer coat but are put off by the beards that wire haired dogs have then Siga is the perfect compromise. A lovely sweet natured boy that is eager to please, easy to handle and loves a fuss he is certainly not to be overlooked. Siga is typical of any dog which passes our stringent temperament tests and is happy left alone, great with people and other dogs and once he has completed his training in a few weeks he will be ready to join your home. Get in touch to find out more about the lovely Siga!


Meet Hugo – Another rare find for us at WKD. Wire Haired Pointers are known for being high energy hunting dogs with a need for excessive amounts of exercise. Luckily for whoever welcomes this lovely boy into their home Hugo has passed our stringent temperament testing with flying colours and displays none of the unwanted traits which are typical of his breed. Calm, relaxed and polite with everyone he meets, relaxed in the home and with other dogs and a naturally low interest in small furry animals. Like all of our dogs, Hugo will need around an hour of exercise daily to be content but is physically capable of much more – ideal if you are busy during the week but active at the weekends. If you are looking for a well mannered, obedient and great looking German Wire Haired Pointer then get in touch right away!


Donn is a delightful chap who loves to play. He has a wonderful character and just wants to please.


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