About our family dogs

About our family dogs

Character first,

Obedient and well trained family dogs, make owning a pet a pleasure

Our trained puppies and adult dogs are the perfect answer for families looking for an obedient well trained pet that is a pleasure to own whilst mitigating the vast number of risks and uncontrollable outcomes which occur during the critical period from birth to 12 months of age and greatly effect the chances of people achieving truly rewarding dog ownership.

To help you fully understand the realities of conventional Dog ownership, the joys of owning a well behaved Dog and emotional and financial stress of getting it wrong it is easier to speak using Human analogies. Using parenting as an example, think for a moment about the amount of time which must be invested into a new born baby in order to raise him or her into a polite and well mannered adult. This is an 18 Year project for most parents. It is important that you realise that dogs complete this journey from birth to maturity in just 12 months. If you are not available pretty much full time and have a huge amount of training experience during this crucial stage of development there is very little chance of you owning a dog which will bring to your life the joys of the perfect match.

We are sure that you’re aware that giving a puppy the perfect upbringing takes a lot of time, dedication and skill. More importantly there is a huge amount of emphasis placed on the selection of the right dog. The breed is not the answer, but rather it is the ability to select the perfect dog from within your breed of choice that will truly dictate success. Over 90% of young adult dogs which we test fail, this translates into the fact that over 90% of dogs are not the perfect dog for 97% of families.

Health is another consideration which cannot be overlooked, whilst the common understanding is that purchasing a puppy from health tested parents give you a guarantee of a healthy puppy the reality is very different. In the same way that two healthy human parents can give birth to a child with additional needs and physical disabilities so can dogs do the same. In any living organism the stage of life from birth to maturity is when the majority of risk is present. At WKD all of our Dogs are exposed to rigorous health testing to ensure years of healthy Dog ownership.
Taking into account the overwhelming risks associated with making the wrong choices we are proud to present to you WKD Trained Family Dogs.

Carefully selected, thoughtfully matched, tailor trained and handed over to your family with a comprehensive support service – WKD Family Dogs

Here at WKD Trained Dogs we have the knowledge, experience, expertise and proven track record to successfully match a dog of any gender or breed to your personal situation.

We endeavour, through gaining a great understanding of your requirements, potential concerns and possible bad previous experiences to assist you and your family in finding the perfect trained dog to fit within your chosen lifestyle. We strongly believe that dogs are individuals and therefore, getting it right is not as simple as just going out and purchasing a puppy from a breed which gets a good write up online. We witness many people and dogs who do not have a good quality of life together because the temperament, traits and energy levels of the individual animal are just not compatible with the owners lifestyle, needs and handling ability.

Our clients are very responsible future dog owners, they want to get it right first time for their family and their new dog. Following lots of breed research and armed with the opinions of everyone they mention their plans to they finally set their mind upon a certain breed. After discussing their plans with us they realise how little the breed has to do with the end result.

The issue here is that for every individual dog within your breed of choice that has a perfect match for temperament and energy level there will be at least another 9 which would, regardless of training never be the right fit for your family or lifestyle.

At WKD every dog which we make available has passed very stringent temperament and health tests to ensure we are starting with the perfect blank canvas. From this point forwards we work together with the rare 10% who pass our tests to ensure that they are skilled for every eventuality, tailored to your lifestyle and are best prepared to enjoy their life with and offer enjoyment and companionship to one of our special clients.

We are certain that, through our vast amounts of experience, unique selection process and the importance we place upon our clients’ needs that once we know what you require from a dog in terms of breed, colour, gender, temperament, energy levels and aesthetics we will excel in matching you with the perfect dog for your lifestyle.
Visit our Dogs for Sale pages to see what trained puppies, juvenile and adult dogs we have available. If you can’t see what you’re looking for please contact us and we are sure that we’ll be able to help you.

  • Obedience

On and off lead obedience – This includes all basic commands that are essential for a controlled dog in any environment. Sit, Down, Heel, Recall, Wait/Stay, Fetch, Leave, Go to bed.
Whilst these are only basic commands, they are trained to an extremely high standard under high levels of distraction and regardless of the environment.

  • Toilet and crate training

All of our trained family dogs join your family home fully toilet and crate trained. The crate is an extremely important part of the settling in process, and allows you to switch the dogs routine and biological habits to match your environment and lifestyle. All of our trained dogs love their crates, and we show you how to utilise your crate to ensure that the dog does not become overly reliant on particular family members, develops the correct habits at particular times of the day, and more importantly the crate gives the dogs one constant thing in its life during the initial settling in period, when everything else in the dogs life is changing. Although we advise our clients to continue the use of the crate throughout the Dogs life after the first two weeks of settling in some clients discontinue its use.

  • House Manners

This training includes dealing with all of the issues that you experience when visiting someone who’s dog is not trained. Your dog will be trained not to jump up when greeting people, not to get on furniture unless asked to do so, not to beg for food, to go to bed when asked, not to steal food from the kitchen, to not push through doorways. The list goes on and on and we leave no stone unturned.

We cannot emphasise enough that whilst our training is of a very high standard that it is our ability to select the perfect Dog at the start of the process that ensures our success. Training a Dog with an incorrect match only results in a well trained incorrectly matched Dog.

How to welcome a WKD Trained Dog into your home

There are two ways in which you can welcome a WKD Trained Dog into your home.

Available dogs – Available dogs are ones which we have purchased based on their suitability to fit perfectly within almost all environments and lifestyles. These dogs are available to leave as soon as we are sure that they offer a good match that is mutually beneficial for the dog, and the family, and after any tailor training which may need to be undertaken. Once we have ascertained your individual requirements, we ensure that the trained dog is fully prepared for life in your home before completing our comprehensive handover package. Once we are all happy that the handover is complete the dog is released from WKD for its new life with your family. At the point of handover you receive a 6 month free of charge back up service.

Pre order dogs – If we do not have the right dog available to match your lifestyle in regards to temperament, breed, gender, energy level or traits then we offer our pre order service. By pre ordering a WKD Trained Dog, you give us the opportunity to offer you a fully tailored service. From creating a profile which allows us to search for the perfect dog within your choice of breed, tailor training the dog for your particular needs and giving a personalised handover package the process is individual to you and your family. Our pre order service works extremely well for clients who may not be in a position to welcome their new addition immediately, have special requirements or desire an unusual breed. We have successfully supplied many trained dogs to families in different situations. including but not limited to. families with other pets, additional requirements such as ongoing training for assistance duties, family members with learning difficulties, wheelchair users etc.

For more information about the actual process we use to ensure that we are consistently successful in our objectives please take a moment to read our WHY WKD page.

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