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Fully trained dogs and puppies for sale

By Thomas Magee 07.07.16
Fully trained dogs and puppies for sale

Fully trained dogs and puppies for sale

Some people love training their puppy or dog and see it as an exciting challenge, for others though it may be daunting, which is where our fully trained puppies and juvenile dogs come in.

We began offering trained puppies and dogs after realising that some people weren’t sure where to start when training a dog or were concerned that they didn’t know enough about dog training and may end up with an ‘uncontrollable’ dog.

When you buy a trained puppy or juvenile dog from us you can be sure that the groundwork has been done for you. We have the experience and expertise to train our dogs to an exceptional level and correct any bad habits they may naturally develop.

Trained puppies are available from 16 weeks old and trained adults are available from 12 months old. We teach our dogs; sit, stay, heelwork, fetch, recall and manners in the home and with visitors.

As well as this they are also taught full on and off the lead obedience under all distractions to make sure your dog will come back to you when called, no matter what is going on around him or her.

At the end of training you will receive an obedient and well socialised puppy or dog who will be an excellent companion for you and your family.

You may have particular requirements regarding the breed, gender, age or capabilities of your dog and we are able to source and train your ideal dog to meet your requirements. Depending on the breed of your dog they may also be eligible for personal protection training in the future.

We recently sold a foundation trained puppy called Hector who on his owner’s requests we trained to live with an autistic child, a cat and chickens. His owner’s had a couple of initial issues which were solved following a visit to their home.

Currently we have a wonderful nine month old Wirehaired Vizsla called Dylan (shown above) for sale that would be perfect for an active family as he adores children and loves playing. Dylan comes from a superb working bloodline and has been trained to an advanced level and taught to roll over on command.

To make sure your dog is working to the best of its ability, we offer a week long top up training course every six months. If top ups are kept up to date, any assistance you may need in between top up weeks is free of charge here at the WKD Trained Dogs headquarters.

To view our currently available trained puppies and family dogs visit our dogs for sale page, or fill in our contact form to find out more or talk to us about how we can source and train a dog for you.

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