Trained Golden Retriever for Sale: Why Choose WKD for Your Next Dog

Trained Golden Retriever for Sale: Why Choose WKD for Your Next Dog

Trained Golden Retriever for Sale: Why Choose WKD for Your Next Dog

Trained Golden Retriever for Sale: Why Choose WKD for Your Next Dog
Said to be similar in characteristics and personality traits to Labrador Retrievers, the Golden Retriever can date its lineage back to the mid-19th Century. They were originally bred as hunting dogs in Scotland where they were trained to assist hunters in retrieving game from both water and land. These are amongst the most popular trained dogs at WKD where we undergo extensive testing and training to ensure the best possible match when we place our Golden Retrievers for sale into their forever homes.

This particular breed has a very interesting history in that the Lord of Tweedmouth, Sir Dudley Majoribanks, is said to have spent more than two decades in secret working on the breed. His original genetics were an English Retriever and a dog that has since become extinct, a Tweedwater Spaniel. At a later date he introduced into the breed Red Setters, Bloodhounds, Newfoundlands and Labrador Retrievers. All in all, an interesting mix and to dog lovers who mourn the loss of an entire line, the Tweedwater Spaniel, there is a bit of sentiment carried along in this particular line.

Temperament of the Golden Retriever

Today’s Golden Retriever is mostly placed in homes where they will be companion and family dogs. They are generalised to have lovable personalities however, as with any Breed there will be displayed the full spectrum of traits both good and bad. Over a 12 month period we tested 156 young adult Goldens and found seventy three percent of them to have possession/aggression issues around food or toys – this is a very suprising statistic and really shows that you cannot trust a write up in a book to choose the right breed for your Family. The Goldens we work with have been extensively tested and found to be free from this possessive trait. Golden Retrievers are generally excellent swimmers and, if correctly matched make excellent companions for owners young or old.

Golden Retrievers – Exercise Needed

Golden Retrievers are considered to be a large breed dog that need a lot of exercise, at least a couple of hours daily. However, as with any Dog supplied by WKD we are able to select an individual Dog to match your lifestyle and exercising ability. Within any breed there will be Dogs requiring next to no walking right the way through to highly strung Dogs which require hours on end. Please do not trust a general opinion, at WKD we really do tailor the selection of your new Golden Retriever to ensure the perfect fit in every area of life.

Breed Specific Summary on the Golden Retriever

When placing the perfect dog with new owners, WKD works diligently to match the dog’s needs and temperament with your needs and desires. As a friendly, child-loving dog, the WKD Golden Retriever does extremely well in a family setting. They are people friendly so they make wonderful service and companion dogs and will even do well as part of a search and rescue team working side by side with the police. Because a Golden Retriever is so lovable and highly intelligent, this is one breed that can suite a wide variety of needs.

You can be assured that any Golden Retriever trained and sold by WKD carries all the best traits of the line and has been accurately assessed for suitability in their new forever home.

If you have been looking for a Golden Retriever for sale, visit our dogs for sale page or call us to discuss your requirements.