How to Stop your Dog Reacting, Barking & Lunging

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For people who have dogs who are reactive, anxious, aggressive to dogs, animals, people and other distractions.

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Sadly Reactivity affects 1 out of 3 dogs so a: You’re not alone! & b: This means we’ve got tonnes of experience in getting people like you and dogs like yours on the right path – and that’s guaranteed!

Get really simple lessons and direct support from a highly reviewed expert training team available 18 hours each day.

WKD Online Dog Training is a fully trainer supported dog training platform that helps you to change your dogs behaviour from the comfort of your own home
Fast, really easy, step by step lessons equip you with the skills to train your dog.
Members are able to tap into same day live dog training help from our expert trainers! Matt and his team will see you training, talk you through what’s happening and what to do. Our members are seeing first improvements in under 10 minutes.
Consider this your personal, pocketable, local trainer on hand helping you wherever you are.
Additionally, as a member you’ll get Lifetime Access to all current and future courses for your dog, our extensive resources directory, big discounts on other products along with a private training support group.

Why Choose Us

Highly Reviewed

Don’t take our word for it, check out our hundreds of reviews across search and social media rating us 4.5+

30 Days Money-back Guarantee

We know our training works, we want you to feel assured. If you use our training and support and can’t get results, you can have a full refund.

Proven Techniques

Matt and the WKD Team have helped the lives of over 30,000 dogs and owners already!

Train anytime anywhere

Unlimited access 24 hours each day, any location, whatever your device

Personal Trainers

Our training support team is online around 18 hours each day

Free Bonuses

We always like to sweeten the deal, check out your free bonus courses included in each membership

Puppy Training Courses Included

Toilet Training

Absolutely fundamental. A really simple, effective course to show you exactly how to get toilet training sorted, fast!

Crate Training

Part of our approach is using (where possible) a crate to assist in training, this also helps develop consistency and a safe bedroom for your dog.

Name Recall

Ever seen that unresponsive puppy? It won’t be yours after this course takes you through the steps to develop name recall.

Lead Walking

The number one request we get! Usually referred by our existing clients, why? Because our training works, guaranteed!

Separation Anxiety

This can be a nightmare for both dogs, owners and even neighbours! That’s why we’ve utilised our constant expsorure to new dogs to develop a clear, simple structured approach that works time and time again

Stopping Barking/ Lunging on the Lead

Whilst puppy reactivity is not that common, when it happens, it can be incredibly stressful for all parties. However, it can be solved very easily – with the right approach, check out these results!

Stopping Barking in the House

We’ve all seen it, that guest turns up or someone walks past the house and all hell breaks loose. We’ll show you how to stop it before it happens.

Bonding Through Play

Play is one of the most valuable, trust building and bonding exercises, we’ll give you very easy and simple exercises to get the most out of your pup.


Be THAT person with a perfectly attentive, well-heeled (pun intended) puppy, good for taking your dog anywhere out in public.

Watch this video to see how easy it is to get started!

Our Expert Trainers

Matthew Wiggins – Course Director

20 years dog training – Founder of WKD Trained Dogs, the global leader in supplying fully trained pet dogs –

Sian Howels – Lead Trainer

7 years dogtraining – 121 rapid transformation specialist – 1000+ Hours of training support -u003cbru003e u0022Dog training is easy, training our dog owners is the challenge I love!u0022 – Sian

Cassie Lovatt – Lead Trainer

8 years dog training – Problem solutions expert – team leader – young dog development leaderu003cbru003eu0022I love seeing our clients dogs develop, but I love the feedback we get from happy owners more..u0022

Puppy Training Success Stories

Rebecca – Boxer Puppy – “Thrilled”

Wendy – Already tried local trainers

Sara – “I’m truly made up with all sessions”

Steph and Hulk – “Really pleased”

Steve – 2 rescue puppies – “Going really well”

Mark – “I am now in control and full of self confidence, I highly reccomend them”




How to stop your dog
from pulling on the lead

2 levels – 8 lessons

How to get off lead recall

9 Lessons

Be outstanding – Do things Differently

If you want to get better results than your typical 6 week village hall puppy program, learn from the absolute leaders and pioneers behind fully trained family pets and results guaranteed dog training.
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