Trained Hungarian Vizsla for Sale: Why Choose WKD for Your Next Dog

Originating in the Central Plains of Hungary, the Hungarian Vizsla for sale from WKD is a very regal Dog as well as, assuming it is correctly matched a fabulous household pet. There is a bit of mystery as to the history of the Hungarian Vizsla’s heredity but most believe that this particular breed reached Hungary via traders from lands off in the very Far East.

At WKD we recognise that dog lovers around the world are looking for the perfect match for their needs. We are proud to carry the Hungarian Vizsla for the many characteristics inherent in this amazing breed. However, as with all breeds there are certain traits inherent in the majority of Vizsla which can make them challenging for the average owner. As with all of the Dogs we supply, ninety percent of Hungarian Vizsla we temperament test prove to not have the making of the ideal companion.  Some see this particular breed as a pointer gundog whilst others see this breed as the perfect medium sized dog to share the family home. In either case, we go above and beyond finding the best match for your needs and in either case we will only sell a Hungarian Vizsla that passes the full array of tests we require them to pass during their training course.

Temperament of the Hungarian Vizsla

When seeking a Hungarian Vizsla for sale you are almost certainly looking for a breed that is highly intelligent and thus, easily trainable. That’s exactly what this breed is and although medium in size, this dog does well in almost any setting. She makes for a perfect household pet assuming that the Dog has been selected to have no innate instinct to hunt. Working Vizsla range over a huge amount of land in search of their quarry and this does not fit well within the confines of your local park. Selecting the rare Vizsla that has no instinct to hunt has proven to be the key to our success in working with this breed. For the unsuspecting puppy purchaser what looks like a fun romp in the woods at 12 weeks of age can quickly turn into an adult Dog running out of sight and being missing for hours on end. At WKD, along with all of the other traits we select for with the Vizsla we pay extra attention to the Dogs natural desire to work and deliberately exclude any hunters from our program.

Hungarian Vizslas – Exercise Needed

A miss match of energy is the most common reason for problems when living with a Dog and many active families fall foul of the Vizsla. Ninety percent of Vizsla want to fulfill their genetic desire to work for ten hours per day as their ancestors did. At WKD we only purchase Vizsla whom display a requirement for a little over an hour of exercise per day but are physically capable of any challenge put in front of them. This leads to a Vizsla which is calm and relaxed in the house, content and good fun for your hour long daily walk but physically capable of doing much more when you feel like it. Remember that even if you run two hours every evening still the majority of your live will be spent at work or at home not out in the fields. We ensure that we match you with a Vizlsa who’s exercise needs match your available time for walking. Whilst this low energy but physical capable Vizsla is rare at WKD we are able to correctly assess those special Dogs which offer the best of both worlds to their new owners.

Breed Specific Summary on the Hungarian Vizsla

As a short haired, medium sized dog you will find that any Hungarian Vizsla for sale will be easy to groom and care for so you should have no problems in that regard. They are an intelligent and loyal breed that will do well as a family pet so long as they have been correctly profiled to match your requirements and lifestyle. With a mysterious heritage many people find the mystique thrilling in itself and since most of the original breed was depleted during WWII, many of the true purebred dogs come from farther afield. In any case. Please visit our dogs for sale page or call us to discuss your requirements.


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