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Introducing a dog to a home with another pet!

By Thomas Magee 02.18.19
Introducing a dog to a home with another pet!

Introducing a dog to a home with another pet!

At WKD we have many prospective dog owners approach us whom already own other pets. We have successfully supplied dogs to homes with cats, other dogs, parrots, guinea pigs and rabbits, reptiles, horses, goats, pigs, sheep and chickens. This list is not exhaustive.

If you already have another pet in your home then we understand that the welfare of your current pet will sit high on your list of priorities.

Please rest assured that by choosing WKD you are placing your current pets welfare in good hands. Obviously we need to be made aware that your current pets live with you so that we can fully take them into consideration but we also, as a matter of course test our dogs heavily around other animals.

The Animal tests

In order for a dog to pass the WKD temperament test it is exposed to, and must display a low level of interest in other animals such as cats, chickens, rabbits and sheep in a natural, untrained and uninhibited state. Any dog which shows a level of interest during testing which leads us to believe that whilst in our care, or following handover the dog may begin to incessantly chase animals when out on walks would immediately fail our testing process.

We do not, under any circumstances train dogs that chase animals not to do so. We only work with dogs that have low interest in other animals in an untrained state. Over the years we have learnt that if we try to control an undesirable trait, which we can, when the dog is in the handover of a typical owner the trait returns causing problems.

Once they have passed the tests

Once our Dogs have passed their tests we then do further testing to make recommendations as to which of our Dogs would be well suited to living in a home with another pet of a non canine type.

We have learnt over the years that it takes a special dog to live with another pet, it takes a dog that basically fails to even acknowledge the presence of other animals. By taking this approach, what happens time and time again is that the dog is ignorant to your other pets which gives your pet lots of confidence around your new dog. Over time, if your other pet initiates it, it is very common for our dogs to become great friends with the other pets they live with.

Why we choose a dog which is indifferent to other pets

It is impossible for our temperament testing teams (read more about our temperament tests here) to know the individual temperament of all of our clients pets that already live with them. Some pets will be confident, some quiet, some nervous, some will be oblivious to dogs and other will possibly have had bad experiences with dogs. Because we can’t control your current pets temperament we have found that supplying you with a dog which is disinterested in your current pet to be the best way to achieve consistent results. By supplying such a dog the control is in the hands of your current pet as to wether they will simply co-habit and ignore each other or form a strong relationship.

If you already have a pet but are longing to welcome a dog into your home you can trust in our proven techniques to match you, your family and you other pets to the ideal dog for everyone.

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