Trained Labradors for Sale: Why Choose WKD for Your Next Dog

Although not one of the oldest breeds, Labradors have quickly earned a name for being one of the best all-around family dogs in the world. Officially named as a breed in 1916 in the UK and 1917 in the US, Labradors were originally used as a hunting and gaming dog. Great at retrieving game and fish, the Labrador Retriever was at first considered to be a gentleman’s dog.

However, with so many endearing characteristics, Labradors quickly became one of the top 10 family dogs and have remained so to this day. Labrador Retrievers also excel at ‘sniffing’ and so are widely used in police detection work to sniff out drugs and arms.

Temperament of Labradors

If you are looking for a loving and generally ‘gentle’ dog, Labradors are a wonderful choice so long as the correct Dog is selected for your family and lifestyle. As with any breed there will be a full range of energy levels and potential issues displayed. Many Labradors are notorious for pulling on lead and being higher in energy levels than most families can manage. The WKD Labrador is specifically selected to be adaptable, biddable and easy to manage. The breed itself tends to do well with children and that’s why they are known as a top family dog. Even so, as with any breed, Labrador Retrievers must be temperament tested by a skilled professional to ensure a perfect fit. There will always be the majority of dogs that fit the WKD profile so we make sure to thoroughly test each and every dog several times throughout its training to ensure that the characteristics a prospective owner requires will be a good match.

In this way, dogs are not homed and rehomed again because they don’t fit the required profile. It is not fair to the dog and it is not fair to the owners hoping for that perfect match. With this in mind, WKD does the most intensive profiling and training you will find anywhere.

Labradors – Exercise Needed

Labradors are typically known to do much better in rural settings based on the breed specific exercise requirements. However at WKD we are perfectly equipped with expert knowledge to select Labradors which will be equally happy in a city apartment as they are in a country home. The ability to select a Labrador which requires much less exercise than normal give the owner of a WKD Trained Labrador the best of both worlds, a Dog which is calm in the house, enjoys an hour of exercise during the week but is physically capable of much more at the weekends.  Labradors generally require as much as two or more hours of exercise daily, but, as mentioned above, when partnering with WKD to find your perfect Labrador we can select a Dog on an individual basis which matches the amount of exercise you can offer perfectly.

Breed Specific Summary on Labradors

As with all dogs, Labrador Retrievers do shed and even as a short haired breed, they should be brushed and groomed regularly. Labradors are commonly known for being very hairy although it must be remembered that most Dogs are not fed a good diet, are overweight and not groomed correctly. By ensuring that these three elements are managed correctly you can easily enjoy a Labrador without excessive shedding of fur. At WKD go through several rounds of temperament testing to ensure your new dog is well suited to your requirements. If you are looking for a Labrador for sale, you have come to the right place. Please visit or dogs for sale page or call us to discuss your requirements.


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