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Meet some of our international trained dogs

By Thomas Magee 07.07.16
Meet some of our international trained dogs

Meet some of our international trained dogs

Here at WKD we have trained and supplied a number of dogs who have gone off to live wonderful lives abroad.

Last year we supplied three Labradors, Marley, Charlie and Alfie, to a charity in Switzerland who have undergone further training to become Guide Dogs.

The charity was so impressed with our services and the temperament and obedience of the dogs that we supplied, that we are currently training a further two Labradors, Susie and Albie, to join them.

Taking into account the specific criteria from the charity, we have specifically selected confident, sociable and biddable dogs and carried out our temperament testing to ensure they would be a good fit for the role as a Guide Dog.

The chosen dogs were then x-rayed for hip/elbow scoring, as well as eye-tested and issued with the relevant vaccinations for a pet passport to live abroad.

Our team then commenced training with the dogs, which took two months. The training included general obedience, good house manners and socialisation in a variety of real-life situations with a mix of different people, all using Swiss commands.

Soleil looks like she’s have a great time in the snowy mountains.
Soleil looks like she’s have a great time in the snowy mountains.

In October 2014 we trained Golden Retriever ‘Soleil’, who has gone on to live with a retired couple out in the snowy mountains in France. They regularly send us updates and pictures, it looks like she is having a great time!

Winston is going to live in sunny California.

This month we have trained Winston, the Hungarian Vizsla, who will travel to his new family in California later this week.

Winston will be living in the San Francisco Bay Area. He will join a family with ‘almost’ 3 young children. He will enjoy long walks on the beaches around Half Moon Bay and all along the San Francisco Peninsula. His new home is in an area populated with horses and deer.

Our training services aren’t just restricted to the UK and as you can see, we are able to offer trained dogs to people around the globe. If you live outside the UK and are looking for a trained dog get in touch to find out how we can help you.

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