One to One Dog Training Courses

In the early Years of WKD, we decided that we weren’t going to offer face to face training sessions until we were able to get our clients the results that we get in the same amount of time that we get them.

That may seem like a bold mission but, in fact, it’s the key to our success!

Dog training is simple, it’s so easy, that if your dog lived with me, the issues you are experiencing would be non-existent.

The real quandary that dog trainers face is how to get their clients the results that they themselves enjoy when the reality is, most dog owners, don’t want to be dog trainers?!

For you, the owner, the quandary is how to get dog trainer level results when you have other priorities in life, limited time available and it’s hard to keep being consistent unless you are seeing results!

Well, we’ve been working hard for the last 7 Years to solve this very problem and even if we do say so ourselves, we’ve done an amazing job!

From on lead reactivity to recall problems and in the home guarding to over zealous greetings, it’s all covered in our World renowned One2One consultations.

We’re so proud of the results we get for our clients on a daily basis that we boast more before/after videos and reviews than any other trainer we know.

Our One2One consultations follow a simple process and give a huge number of benefits when compared to the typical approach.

We train you, to train your dog, so you can both live a better life – Guaranteed!

We can comfortably promise you that you won’t find any other trainer who can offer what we do

Fast, easy and efficient – practical training that works quickly

Long lasting – Retain the results with minimum input and maximum output

Fixed Price – Know exactly what it will cost to get what you want

No success, No Fee – Yep, that’s right, if it doesn’t work, don’t pay

Free remedial – If you have problems down the line, come back for free

Ongoing support – We keep you on track, proactively, before you let things slip

Online Access – Get Access to WKD Online included Free of Charge

Pulling on lead, jumping up, reactivity on lead and more…If you have a problem, we have the answer.

Typically, just a single 3 Hour session is more than enough time to get you an immediate and long lasting transformation in your dogs behaviour regardless of the issues you are facing meaning that even if you are some distance from us, the journey is manageable for the long term benefits you’ll receive and you’ll only need to visit us once.  

That’s right, unbelievable results, easy to implement, cost effective, and created with one goal in mind – To improve the life of you and your dog.

Most of our clients who choose this service have been trying, unsuccessfully, to modify their dogs behaviour for a fair amount of time. They have usually visited numerous trainers with limited success and invested large sums of money which far exceeds our charges when calculated over time.

We do not claim to be the cheapest but we do believe, as do our clients, that we are the most cost and time effective option for busy dog owners who are looking to create fast and lasting change in their dogs behaviour.

We don’t simply show you how to train your dog on the issues you are experiencing currently, we share with you our unique methods and concepts in an easy to understand and apply manner so that you finish your training session with the knowledge and ability required to tackle any future issues that may arise too.

We do not know any other trainers who consistently get the results that we do from unskilled and struggling owners who have little time to train in their already busy lives. In fact, we don’t know of any trainers who get the results that we do full stop!

During a One2One consultation we will discuss with you your current situation and problem areas, explain to you how and why your dog displays such behaviours, teach you the easy to apply skills and concepts which are required to create a change in behaviour and then show you how easy it is to maintain your dog’s new and improved behaviour for the rest of his or her life.

After your consultation, we don’t just wave you off and leave you to it. In fact, this is where we really set ourselves apart. Training a dog is easy, training an owner to maintain the results when life returns to normal and everything seems solved is not so easy. It’s the reason that most training attempts, even those that on the face of it seem successful, fail in the long term.

Following your consultation we ensure that you stay on track and both you and your dog don’t slip back into old habits. This element of our training is probably the most revolutionary part of the whole process. Utilising various methods including full access to WKD Online Dog Training we ensure that you keep your new dog on track and get exactly what you’ve paid for.

Our Guarantee’s

At WKD we are proud to be raising the bar across the whole industry and our consultation guarantee certainly won’t disappoint.

Put simply, if you come to a consultation and don’t get the results you are looking for then you don’t pay. Guaranteed.

Our consultations are all bound by our Industry leading, no success, no fee guarantee. If, on the day, you aren’t happy, you won’t pay a penny.

If you do pay but when you go home you have further problems or your dogs behaviour relapses we will see you again free of charge.

If, following remedial training we cannot get you the long lasting and easy to maintain results that we promised, we will issue a full refund.

We can’t stress enough how much we believe that it is completely wrong that dog trainers get away with charging clients when they are delivering little to no results for them. Our strong guarantees are actually the key to our success. By offering such guarantees we get feedback from our clients on a regular basis and that, in itself, allows us to continually develop and strengthen our offerings.

If all of this sounds just too good to be true, don’t take my word for it, have a look at what our clients are saying about the results which they are benefiting from every single day following one of our consultations!

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Pricing and availability

The investment required for a money back guaranteed consultation with your dog is £995 and we are so confident in our ability to create lasting change that all of our One2One consultations come with an industry leading guarantee. If we fail to create an immediate and positive change in your dogs behaviour then you don’t pay for your session. In the rare event that you require further follow up training sessions then they will be carried out free of charge at our location.

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