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One on one training is ideal for the owner who wants to achieve their goals whilst playing an active part in the development of their dogs skills and behaviour. 

Are you having trouble with your dogs behaviour or are you looking to maintain your dogs behaviour and not let things slip?

Have you been trying to solve your dog training/behaviour problems by researching online, reading books and watching videos but not achieving the success and results that you desire?

At WKD we believe that we offer the most cost effective, results driven and easy to apply methods of dog training to create fast and lasting change in your dogs behaviour whilst enhancing your relationship, reducing stress and allowing fuller integration of your dog into your life.

We have found that the majority of training that owners have access to will achieve improvements but rarely reach the end goal of true behaviour modification. It is an unfortunate fact that many dog trainers do not have the skills required or the ability to explain them in a way which a pet dog owner can then implement and utilise for ongoing success. What is even more scary is that most dog trainers have a business model which relies on repeat business! As soon as they have solved your problems, you no longer require their services which means that they stop getting paid and have to find another client.

The amount of clients that we see for one on one training who have been trying to modify their dogs behaviour for extended periods of time and with high financial outlay is surprising to say the least. At WKD we are results driven and have proven time and time again that by using the right techniques and explanation immediate results can be achieved and then maintained by the owner with no need for further assistance or outlay.

There are numerous reasons that we are able to help our clients get fast and long lasting results but other trainers, regardless of their claims fail to replicate our success.

Reason number one 

Lack of experience – Just because somebody has more knowledge than yourself does not mean that they have enough knowledge to get you the fastest results possible for the least amount of investment of time and money. We have unique insights into dog training and typical owner behaviour that no other trainer in the world shares. Nobody else has supplied over 1500 fully trained family companions, studied how pet dog owners manage to undo elements of the training and then found long lasting and simple approaches to helping them get back on track completely free of charge! Our approach has been driven by a need to solve problems quickly, for good regardless of the owners skill level or the behaviour of the dog.

Reason number two

Incorrect motivations – We have become aware over the past few years that many trainers believe that only their way of training is right and they insist on their clients using their methods even if they are not in the best interest of the dog or the owner. Positive only, balanced or negative trainers each tend to have one track minds and are more concerned about their moral stand point than getting their client results. It doesn’t matter which training method is scientifically proven to be best or which they advocate if the owner cannot apply them with skill or have the available time. At WKD we have fully trained more dogs from start to finish than any one else in the world, we have more tools in our bag and are motivated to give you fast and successful methods that get great result first time!

Reason number three

Lack of knowledge of owner behaviour – The fact is that there is a difference between the way you handle and behave around your dog compared to a skilled dog trainer. If your dog lived with a good dog trainer then it would be a well behaved, well mannered and obedient dog. Dogs are the product of their environment and owners and how you act around your dog is of the upmost importance. The problem is, much of what you do wrong comes so naturally that even if you are shown a better way, it is nearly impossible for you to change. Most trainers try and make you change things that you aren’t even aware that you are doing. At WKD we have developed a training methodology which allows you to be yourself and uses your natural habits to create a change in your dogs behaviour immediately. We believe that training your dog should be fun, easy and effective and our techniques stand head and shoulders above the rest.

Treated like a coaching session Matt will first assess the current levels of training and partnership, discuss with you any issues which are proving problematic and the goals you wish to achieve. Matt will then help you through personal one on one training to fully understand how to better communicate with your dog and help him or her change their behaviour in a quick easy to apply and enjoyable manner. Matt has only one goal – to improve the life of you and your dog so that you can first begin to enjoy time with each other and then move towards creating a well developed and mutually beneficial partnership. One on one training is available to any owner and dog. Matt is so confident in his ability to create immediate change and give you the required skills to continue alone that if you aren’t completely satisfied by your training session he will give a full refund.

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