WKD One To One Consultations

WKD One To One Consultations

The Leader in Results Guaranteed Training

WKD One To One Consultations

The Leader in Results Guaranteed Training

Results Guaranteed One to One Consultations

After over 3000 hours of results guaranteed 121 consultations, we’ve learned a thing or two.

One thing rings true every time, most of our clients have already invested time, money and emotions into failed training….or waited until crisis point, felt lost, embarrassed, distressed or hopeless…until they came to WKD.

Check out this behind the scenes consultation video with Marcia below

Marcia thought she had everything covered with her training, then things just got worse.

In the early Years of WKD, we decided that we weren’t going to offer face to face training sessions until we were able to get our clients the results that my team get, in the same amount of time that we get them.
That may seem like a bold mission but, in fact, it’s the key to our success!

Dog training is simple, it’s so easy, that if your dog lived with me, the issues you are experiencing would be non-existent.

The real quandary that dog trainers face is how to get their clients the results that they themselves enjoy when the reality is, most dog owners, don’t want to be dog trainers?!

For you, the owner, the quandary is how to get dog trainer level results when you have other priorities in life, limited time available and it’s hard to keep being consistent unless you are seeing results!

Luckily, WKD are able to solve these, day in, day out. This is why our clients rave about our services!

Well, we’ve been working hard for the last 7 Years to solve this very problem and even if we do say so ourselves, we’ve done an amazing job!
From on lead reactivity to recall problems and in the home guarding to over zealous greetings, it’s all covered in our World-renowned One2One consultations.
We’re so proud of the results we get for our clients on a daily basis that we boast more before/after videos and reviews than any other trainer we know.
Our One2One consultations follow a simple process and give a huge number of benefits when compared to the typical approach.
We train you, to train your dog, so you can both live a better life – Guaranteed!

Common Behaviours Solved in a One to One Consultation

From Pulling on the lead to Ultimate attention!

The number one request we get! Usually referred by our existing clients, why? Because our training works, guaranteed!

Stopping Barking/ Lunging on the Lead

Reactivity is common, when it happens, it can be incredibly stressful for all parties. However, it can be solved very easily – with the right approach and handler (you) skill development

Stopping Barking in the House

We’ve all seen it, that guest turns up or someone walks past the house and all hell breaks loose. We’ll show you how to stop it before it happens.


Ever seen that unresponsive dog? It won’t be yours after this course takes you through the steps to get that elusive off lead recall!

Bonding Through Play

Play is one of the most valuable, trust building and bonding exercises, we’ll give you very easy and simple exercises to get the most out of your dog.


Be THAT person with a perfectly attentive, well-heeled (pun intended) dog, good for taking your dog anywhere out in public.

Why Choose Us

Highly Reviewed

Don’t take our word for it, check out our hundreds of reviews across search and social media rating us 4.5+

Proven Techniques

Matt and the WKD Team have helped the lives of over 30,000 dogs and owners already and demonstrate this every single day either at WKDHQ or via WKD Online with Direct Trainer Support

Results Guaranteed

You wouldn’t pay for a broken or half working product in other areas of life, why should dog training be different. Whichever training route you choose with WKD, if you put in the work and can’t get results – you don’t pay.

An unparalleled experience

Due to the sheer breadth of WKD and Matt’s continued commitment to improve the quality of our training, we operate our unique training facility with the ability to recreate re world situations in a safe, controlled environment

Expert Trainers

Whether you choose to work with Matt or one of the team, you’ll be in the hands of someone with more breadth and depth of knowledge than most of the industry combined!

Free Bonuses

We always like to sweeten the deal, check out your free bonus courses included in each membership

Our Expert Trainers

Matthew Wiggins – Course Director

20 years dog training – Founder of WKD Trained Dogs, the global leader in supplying fully trained pet dogs –

Sian Howels – Lead Trainer

7 years dog training – 121 rapid transformation specialist – 1000+ Hours of training support –
“Dog training is easy, training our dog owners is the challenge I love!” – Sian

Cassie Lovatt – Lead Trainer

8 years dog training – Problem solutions expert – team leader – young dog development leader
“I love seeing our client’s dogs develop, but I love the feedback we get from happy owners more..”

121 Training Success Stories

Cheryl – “She’s come a long way!”

Kelly – “Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!”

Elizabeth – “Anyone thinking about choosing WKD – highly highly recommend”

Andy – “seriously know what they are talking about and the support is second to none!”

Helen – “WKD were the difference between us being able to keep our rescue or hand back to the shelter”

Santiago – “Best Training Out There!”Hear Hea

Our Training Explained by WKD Founder & 20 year Dog Training Veteran – Matthew Wiggins

Free extras included in all WKD Results Guaranteed 121 Consultations

Be outstanding – Do things Differently

If you want to cut through all the BS and get your dog (and yourself) into a happier place whereby you can be companions in any situation or location, then send us your details below and let’s get you on the road to success GUARANTEED!