Our clients love their dogs

We went to Matt and his team at WKD after speaking to him on the phone and explaining our desire as a family to own a dog, but how to get over the hurdle of our daughter’s nervousness around them. After discussions, Penny the black Cocker Spaniel, seemed to fit the personality of dog that would suit our family, with her soft nature and her tendency to roll over for a tummy tickle rather than jump up for attention, she was perfect for our daughter. We went to meet Matt and Penny and took a liking to both immediately; Matt spoke directly to our daughter and took note of her concerns and then worked with Penny for a few more weeks perfecting her skills and ensuring she would stay down even if she got excited. The word “down” would get her to drop to the floor and lie down. This gave us immense confidence that should our daughter get a little stressed if playing with Penny got too boisterous, we were quickly able to stop and control Penny and calm her down.

Penny has fitted into our family perfectly. With the groundwork on commands with Matt, it has been easy to teach Penny the family rules. It only took 2-3 days to teach Penny not to go upstairs; she now patiently sits at the bottom of the stairs waiting for you to come back down and doesn’t even put a foot on the bottom step!

Our daughter is still nervous of other dogs and we still have problems if we encounter a bigger dog out on a walk, but that’s fine by us as it teaches her respect for all dogs and not to presume everyone is as soft as Penny.

Penny is a pleasure to have around and we quite often get compliments on her behaviour when out walking. We recently took her to a country fair and had a go at agility, which Penny was quite good at, but it did involve us climbing over the course first to show her how it’s done! Then our daughter entered into 3 classes in a dog show, winning rosettes in all of them but winning 1st in the category of “Dog the Judges would most like to take home” and I think that sums up our experience with Matt and WKD perfectly

Baker Family and Penny

We are very pleased with Leo our new Springer Spaniel. He has settled very well with our other dogs and has immediately made friends with the cats as well. He is such a sociable dog he is a joy to have. He travels well in the car and is so well behaved while still being fun for a game or a quiet snuggle. He has met our Grandchildren now and was very good with them. Leo has been fine with out free-range chickens, which is such a relief.

We have taken him to the clay pigeon range for an introduction to shooting. He settled well once he realised the big bangs were not bothering him and we had no problem putting dog ear defenders on him which was a big plus. It is so good to have a really well trained dog that is so responsive to new things and takes everything in his stride.

It was very nice to meet you and we really appreciate the time you have taken to discuss our requirements and supply us with the right dog. Thank you to you and all your Team at WKD.

Yvonne and Andrew Rose

Picked up Barney (fox red labrador) in May 2013 after discussing with Matt the type of dog we needed. Matt was very helpful in getting us the right dog and Barney is such a lovely well mannered dog that everyone in the family has took him to their hearts. He has such a wonderful temperament, great with other dogs, obedient and always willing to please. Thanks to all the staff at WKD Trained Dogs.


I have now had Harley, my black lab, for appraching a year and can safely say that he is the most well mannered, handsome dog which I have ever had the pleasure to own. There is hardly a day goes by without being stopped by other dog owners to say how well trained he is. I am every bit the proud mum – even although the thanks for his training goes entirely to Matt and the team. Harley is every bit part of our family and even my reluctant husband adores him.

I can’t recommend WKD enough, Matt takes the time to find out exactly what your individual needs are to ensure the perfect match between dog and owner.

Sue Keeler

“We selected Maggie ourselves from the same lines as our existing dog Dexter and after some research decided to place her with Matt at WKD for her foundation puppy training. It broke our hearts to leave her at only 8 weeks old, but during our regular visits we could see the progress that was being made on each occasion. Following the 8 weeks training, Fran gave an extensive handover in which she demonstrated what Maggie had learnt and helped to introduce her to our existing dog. Fran gave invaluable advice on how we should progress her training ourselves at home.

Maggie is a feisty, driven, cocker spaniel and is full of energy. With the benefit of hindsight we now realise how beneficial the training she received has been, which has enabled her to integrate with our lives. We would not have had the time, energy or patience to have trained Maggie ourselves to the standard which WKD achieved. We have recommended WKD to our friends and would recommend them to anyone thinking of undergoing the foundation puppy training course

Michelle, Mark and Maggie