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Personal protection dogs, the invisible protector

By Thomas Magee 07.07.16
Personal protection dogs, the invisible protector

Personal protection dogs, the invisible protector

There appears to be a common misconception that protection dogs are aggressive and unsocial animals.

We strongly believe that unless called upon to act in the face of danger you should never see a family protection dog using its natural guarding ability.

Taken for a walk in the woods, to the shops, round the garden centre or at the park with the children a protection dog should appear to be just like any normal everyday pet.

A dog which is of a truly balanced temperament should be confident and un-phased in all social environments, happy to play with other dogs and great with children.

Whilst we expect a protection dog to remain social we also expect it to act on one command if required to deter any would be aggressor – this is a big ask!!

Selection of the correct dog is the name of the game and here at WKD Trained Dogs we have sourced and successfully placed more dogs, of more breeds, for more purposes and of varying ages than anyone else we are aware of – As a result of comprehensive testing we start with the best blank canvas and add the WKD touch resulting in a perfect dog for our clients time and time again.

Maddy, a dog we placed with a loving family in London is here for the next week whilst her family are on holiday in the Arctic. Maddy lives with two young children (5 and 6) Mum, Dad and is also handled by their Nanny.

In the short time Maddy has been with them she has already protected them twice, at all other times she is an exceptionally well trained pet and companion.

A shining example and exactly how it should be!

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