Courses for people struggling with Adult Dogs


Courses for people struggling with Adult Dogs


Owning an adult dog who’s behaviour is challenging, detracts from your quality of life.

We’ve all been there. No matter what you try, nothing seems to work. It’s one of the most horrible situations to be in.

What you are experiencing isn’t at all what you imagined dog ownership to be like and to be honest, you’re right. It’s not what it should be like and there is absolutely no reason to carry on the way you are.

We’ve been supplying fully trained adult dogs for over 10 Years now and quickly learnt how the typical owner can untrain a fully trained dog inside Two weeks.

It’s no wonder then, when starting with an untrained puppy or when trying to resolve training and behavioural issues with an adult dog that unskilled owners often end up in a mess.

Owning a dog with challenging behaviour and feeling like there is no light at the end of the tunnel is no joke.

  • Pulling on lead
  • Mouthing
  • Jumping up
  • Reactivity on lead
  • Reactivity off lead
  • Recall problems
  • High prey drive
  • Overwhelming excitement
  • Separation anxiety
  • The list of training and behavioural issues we help our clients solve goes on and on…

When nothing you’ve tried is working, the advice you are following brings few results and you’re wondering where it all went wrong, it’s time to get some help from the professionals.

We help clients on a daily basis who have been struggling for Years on end with their dogs’ difficult behaviour, have spent lots of time and money with other trainers and if you aren’t careful, you’ll end up wasting lots more time and even more money trying to resolve your training issues and have nothing to show for it.

It’s not just about the wasted time or money either – the stress placed upon you and your loved ones when your life is being turned upside down by your dog’s behaviour is overwhelming. Wouldn’t it be nice to do the things you imagined you would do when you decided to get a dog?

If you’re looking to get your life back on track, your home back to normal and actually start to enjoy the very experiences which led you to welcome a dog into your home then you are in the right place.

If you are struggling to know what to do, don’t have the time to do it, don’t have the skills to do it or simply just want to get your dogs behaviour and training issues resolved in the fastest and most efficient way possible then the WKD Residential Course is very likely the answer you have been looking for.

Training IN what you need and training OUT what you don’t – WKD Residential Training

The answer to achieving a great life with your dog is helping him or her into a position where they know what is expected and desirable behaviour as fast as possible whilst removing undesirable behaviour from their repertoire in an equally efficient manner.

If you’re reading this page, then chances are you are already out of your depth and at best, your dog’s behaviour is not at all complementing your life. At worst, you may be facing some very hard decisions.

Whether you are worried about your ability to do the necessary training or simply wish to have the professionals get your dog on track for you before handing him/her back over to you with all the right behaviours in the right places then the WKD residential training course is likely the solution that you are looking for.

When struggling with training, owners often find themselves at a critical crossroads. If things feel bad now, unless you get back in control, things are going to get a whole lot worse.

I’m not sure if you’ve already been trying things and they aren’t working or you haven’t really tried anything yet but need to make a positive change fast? Regardless, we can help both you and your dog get where you need to be.

I’m glad that you are reading this page as it shows at least you are trying to find the answers you need and change your quality of life with your dog..

Our residential training courses are designed specifically to get you and your dog back on track!

Most commonly, by the time the owner of an adult dog realises they are in a bit of a pickle and start investigating residential training they are dealing with the third wave of problems that can occur. These behaviours are the direct result of the first and second waves of problems becoming exasperated because the owner either didn’t see the problems coming or struggled to resolve them.. 

This list isn’t exhaustive so don’t worry but typically, instead of proactively training good habits like we do on our puppy residential courses, or dealing with the second wave of problems like we do in our juvenile residential course we are now going to be looking at stopping ingrained habits and then teaching alternative behaviours.

  • Stopping jumping up
  • Stopping mouthing
  • Stopping running off to distractions
  • Stopping outward focus
  • Dealing with reactivity on and off lead
  • Pulling on lead
  • Resource guarding
  • Separation anxiety
  • The list goes on and on

We guarantee that you won’t find a more comprehensive residential training course than the one we offer at WKD.

We’ve helped more people get their lives back to normal with a well behaved dog than anybody else!

It’s comprehensive. It stops what you don’t like. It puts in what you do like. It guarantees a great life together. IT WORKS!

Before, during and after your Dogs residential training

So long as your dog is fully vaccinated, they are welcome at WKD.

I’ll talk more about our availability in a shortly, however for various reasons, you may have some time between now and your dog coming to WKD for its residential training course and we want to make sure that this time is as stress free as possible for all involved.

There’s absolutely no reason why, whilst waiting for your dog’s stay, we can’t make your life a whole lot easier.

That’s why we developed WKD Online Training and built specific courses which cover all the common problems with simple video lessons. Short and easy to digest guides and full trainer support so no matter what is happening, if you need help, we are online 18 Hours a Day to help you. 

WKD Online Training is free, for life, when you enrol your dog into a WKD Residential Training course.

It allows us to help you, to help your dog – From the moment you book your dog’s stay right through to the first day of residential training, WKD Online means we are right by your side each step of the way.

In addition, once your dog’s residential training stay is complete, we don’t just wash our hands of you and leave you to it like most trainers.

In fact, since the very beginning, we’ve given a 6 Month back up service completely free of charge.

Most residential trainers charge for any training post residential training – even if it’s putting right what they missed.

At WKD, no matter what is required following your dog’s stay, it’s included. If you need to pop back and visit to deal with a specific issue – it’s free

If some part of the training slips and needs putting right – it’s free

If you need calls to answer questions – it’s free

If you need us to come to your home to deal with anything – it’s free

By working closely with you following your handover, with the support of WKD Online we will guide you to build further on our hard work. Once you have a dog that knows how to behave, the next job becomes maintaining the training and good behaviour in a simple and efficient manner.

By choosing to partner with WKD we are there to ensure you end up with the life you imagined with your dog, no matter what issues you are facing.

Comprehensive Handover

We understand that having struggled with your juvenile dog’s behaviour many owners will be nervous about keeping up the hard work that we have put in with your young dog.

To help you with this, in addition to the pre and post training support that we offer, we also give the most comprehensive handover possible.

Over Three hours we talk you through the coming months, how to settle your dog back into your home, how to maintain your juvenile puppies training and how to handle your dog to make the most of everything that he/she has learnt whilst in our care.

With on site distractions to set up real life situations we ensure you are confident with what you have to do and when. 

We’ve lately seen many trainers offering handovers at the clients home as standard and whilst we can facilitate this, nothing compares to having your handover in a more formal setting, where you pay full attention, can practice until your heart’s content, have any questions answered and leave when you are ready and happy rather than the trainer needing to get back home and rushing the most important part of the process.

The reason we offer such strong guarantees, unrivalled support and have so many amazing reviews from our residential training packages?

Because we’ve learnt, over many years, how to do it in the best way, to get the best results and to maintain your investment for the rest of your dog’s life.

Not all trainers are created equal – you won’t find better than WKD for you and your dog!

Prices and availability

Our residential training packages, due to the quality of our training, our pre and post training support, guarantees and vast experience are in very high demand.

Across the Three types of residential training we offer, we usually have between 4 and 6 residential training dogs or puppies with us at any one time.

Fortunately, because we have a strong team of experienced and skilled trainers we can be flexible with dates for drop off and handover. Let us know your requirements and we will see what we can do to accommodate.

Our Residential Dog Training Courses are either Two or Four weeks in duration depending on what is required and the severity of the issues you are experiencing.

It takes this long to build the correct habits and behaviours so that they are instilled for life. We have tried shorter periods and it simply doesn’t give the value for money or results that are required.

You will find trainers offering residential training for week long periods – fall for this at your peril. We learnt this lesson the hard way!

The WKD Residential Course includes;

  • Pre training via WKD Online with full trainer support
  • 2 or 4 Weeks of residential training depending on your situation/training requirements
  • Dedicated trainer contact
  • Comprehensive handover
  • Lifetime access to WKD Online with full trainer support
  • 6 Month back up service – If you need help, we are there to help

The investment for the WKD Residential Training Course is £2495 (14 Days) or £3495 (28 Days) payable in both instances, by way of a £250 deposit to reserve your dogs place and the balance payable on the day of handover at the end of training.

To talk to us in more detail about your plans and how we can help to ensure you get the very best life together please fill out the information form below.

If the required investment for the WKD Residential Training Course is more than you are looking to invest, we are still perfectly positioned to help with complete dog training solutions starting from just £197.

For more details on the other WKD options available to you please click below