How we prepare your dog

Posted by Mike Trevena 07/07/2016

With such a strong and versatile team of staff, we have every base covered when it comes to
training. From obedient family companions, to family protection dogs and toilet training to
grooming we are perfectly set up to prepare and tailor train your new dog to your personal
requirements. Regardless of your environment or specific needs, we expose your dog to each
element of your lifestyle whilst teaching him or her advanced obedience, toilet and crate training
and house manners. All of our dogs are comprehensively trained in on and off lead obedience,
toilet and crate training and house manners. They are used to travelling in vehicles and thoroughly
socialised in all environments that you will encounter. In addition to our standard training, we will
further tailor your new companion to perfectly suit your needs. We can get your dog used to train
travel, your other pets or to accompany you to the office…..the list goes on. Whatever you require
from a dog WKD will be able to help.

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How we prepare your dog

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