How we select your dogs

Posted by Mike Trevena 07/07/2016

With your dogs profile as reference, we are able to give you details and let you meet a number of
dogs within your breed, colour and gender preference, which fit your criteria for temperament and
energy. Based on our discussions with you and your family, if we do not have the right dog available,
we will begin to temperament test other available dogs which fit your requirements for breed,
gender and aesthetics. A very small percentage of the dogs we view successfully pass our stringent
temperament test and we will not, under any circumstance show complacency in the selection
process. Starting with the right dog is the key to our success. The next trait that we match is energy
levels. An incorrect match of energy level is the most common reason for dogs being re-homed, and
we pay much attention to ensuring that we have a correct fit in this area. Now, with potential dogs
in mind, the final choice is yours. We realise that your chosen dog will be living in your home and
not ours, it is essential that you are happy and have a great connection with the dog before we
ontinue on to the next stage.

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How we select your dogs

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