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By Admin Outsourcify 07.06.16


Matt’s interest in dog training began many years ago with his own, particularly awkward, pet German Shepherd. He learnt his craft initially as a hobby which developed quickly into a dedicated career in dog training and behaviour. He developed his skills, knowledge and techniques with a passion for achieving what some would deem impossible with various breeds and associated behaviours.

With many positive testimonials and feedback from his peers in the Police force and other recognised authorities in the dog training sector, he created WKD Trained Dogs. Working hands-on with the whole team on a daily basis, Matt continues to develop and oversee training while liaising with clients to provide them with the perfect trained companion. In all ventures that Matt undertakes his underlying agenda is to make the lives of dogs and owners better and he constantly strives to make that result accessible for all owners.

Matt now heads an experienced and dedicated team providing not only our bespoke selected and fully trained dogs but also for people with owned dogs he has developed and offers one-to-one consultant appointments, residential training, and an expanding online training experience, offering ongoing support to ensure the best results.

Never one to rest on his laurels Matt has gone on to expand his training knowledge to include sheepdog trialing in his spare (?!) time, along with more recently bringing on two protege security trained dogs from puppies that are shaping up brilliantly.

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