WKD Trained Dogs residential dog training can change your life

Owning a disobedient dog can be frustrating, whether it’s aggression towards other dogs or people, not coming back when called, destroying furniture or something else.

Many of our clients have found our residential dog training courses to be highly effective and life changing. That might seem like a bold statement but if you’ve ever owned a disobedient dog you will understand how much it can affect your homelife.

Here at WKD Trained Dogs we love a challenge and no dog is too difficult for us. We have the experience and knowledge to turn what you may consider an unruly dog into an obedient family companion again.

Your dog will visit us in Stone, Staffordshire (near Stoke-on-Trent) and stay with us between four and six weeks on average, depending on the behavioural issue.

As well as training your dog we are experienced in training dog handlers and will be able to show you how to handle your dog confidently.

Last year Dasty (shown in the video above), a German Shepherd, visited us for residential training after chasing a deer and being aggressive towards other dogs.

Following training here at WKD Trained Dogs he was much calmer around other dogs and could even be walked off-lead around livestock.

To find out more about how our residential dog training can change your life, fill in our online contact form and we’ll get back to you shortly.