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Untrustworthy, overly-excitable Hungarian Vizsla to obedient and manageable trained dog

By Thomas Magee 07.07.16
Untrustworthy, overly-excitable Hungarian Vizsla to obedient and manageable trained dog

Untrustworthy, overly-excitable Hungarian Vizsla to obedient and manageable trained dog

A dog doesn’t need to be aggressive to be unmanageable. Earlier this year Ruby the Hungarian Vizsla came to us because she wouldn’t come back when called and was overly excitable around people.

The challenge – unmanageable behaviour

Ruby could not be trusted off the lead when she went out for walks because she would not come back and would jump up excitedly when she met people on walks or when visitors came to the house.

Her owners found that behaviour hard to manage and after finding our website and speaking to us on the phone, they agreed to send Ruby to us for four weeks of residential dog training.

What we did – correcting Ruby’s behaviour

When she arrived at WKD Trained Dogs Ruby was very distracted by everything going on around her so our trainers had to work hard to make sure she focused on them and that they were the centre of her world.

Our trainers got to know Ruby and discovered what motivated her, unsurprisingly it was dog treats. Ruby also wasn’t interesting in playing with a ball or playing fetch, so we taught her how to do this and she saw this as another reward.

Once our trainers understood what motivated her they began to teach her the right behaviours such as how to walk on the lead without pulling, how to come back when called and corrected any bad behaviour, for example running off or chasing our chickens or other dogs.

The result – the same loving dog but obedient and manageable

Four weeks later Ruby’s owners returned to pick her up and we carried out a handover, showing them all of the commands we taught her and gave them a set of guide notes. They were delighted to find that she was still the same loving and friendly dog but she was now much more manageable and obedient.

Ruby is now allowed off her lead every day on walks and always comes back when called, even when they are somewhere busy with lots of distractions such as people, children and other dogs. In the home she is also much more obedient and doesn’t jump up at visitors anymore and doesn’t jump up at people they meet when on her walks.

Here is a small snippet of the testimonial from Ruby’s owners, you can read the full testimonial on our testimonials page.

“This has turned out to be one of the best decisions we have made, Ruby remains our very friendly, lovable dog but she appears much happier and so are we, as she is much more obedient, therefore, more manageable in company and when out for walks…The training Ruby has received has given us confidence to take her anywhere knowing that she will be well behaved.”

If your dog is unmanageable on walks, boisterous or aggressive with other dogs or people or has any other behavioural issues, our residential dog training can be life-changing.

Call us on 01785 761 441 or fill in our contact form to find out how we can help you and your dog.

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