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Wicked Wabbit Joins the Team!

By Thomas Magee 07.07.16
Wicked Wabbit Joins the Team!

Wicked Wabbit Joins the Team!

As part of our Foundation Training Program we thoroughly socialise all of our trained puppies with a variety of animals.

Paul and Vikki from Bengals and Bunnies have kindly allowed us to purchase a young Giant French Lop doe from them to assist us in the training of their Chocolate Labrador puppy ‘Buddy’.

Our new bunny, aptly named Wicked will join ‘the Management’ – our Chicken, Cockerel and Duck who are out and about daily. By exposing our puppies to all varieties of animals we ensure they will be so familiar with this type of socialisation that your other family pets won’t be at any risk.

We often get special training requests and this is just one of them – I’m sure there will be more pets joining our team but for now we would like to offer a warm welcome to Wicked.

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