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Why is dog recall training so important?

By Thomas Magee 07.07.16
Why is dog recall training so important?

Why is dog recall training so important?

We often hear stories about dogs being shot by farmers and the sad fact is that these often these incidents could have been avoided.

If you cannot trust your dog to come back you should keep it on a lead and all dogs should be kept on leads at all times when you are near fields containing livestock.

Even the best trained dogs can be unpredictable around other animals and legally farmers have the right to shoot a dog if they are worrying their livestock.

In the event that your dog escapes from their lead, or runs ahead in the direction of fields containing livestock, you need to be able to recall your dog and trust that he or she will come back immediately.

Recall training is important to help build trust between you and your dog and most importantly, to keep your dog safe.

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