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Why should I train my dog?

By Thomas Magee 07.07.16
Why should I train my dog?

Why should I train my dog?

Dogs become part of the family and we’re all guilty of spoiling them a little bit. As an owner though it’s your responsibility to make sure your dog is well trained.

It’s more than them knowing how to sit or stay, you need to make sure they come back when called and behave correctly while out in public and in your home.

Your responsibility

If you are going to own a dog it’s your responsibility to make sure he or she is well behaved in public.

Some dogs may show aggression towards people or other animals so it’s important to make sure that issue is dealt with quickly.

As well as the safety of people you need to consider the safety of your dog. If your dog will not come back when called, he or she could get injured.

For the happiness of your family

A badly behaved dog can wreak havoc on family life.

Whether you’re living in fear that your dog may bite you, your dog is aggressive towards other animals, won’t come back when called, suffers separation anxiety or something else, it isn’t fair on you, your family or your dog to live with that.

Many of our clients who’ve brought their dog in for residential training tell us that their lives have literally been transformed.

For example; they can take their dogs for a walk knowing that their dog will come back when recalled or they can invite guests round knowing that their dog will be well behaved.

A trained dog is a happy dog

If your dog is well behaved he or she will be happier than if they were badly behaved and were constantly being shouted at.

Imagine how confusing and scary it must be to be shouted at all the time when you don’t what you’ve done wrong or how to behave instead.

If your dog is badly behaved our residential courses can work wonders and change your life. Our courses generally last between four and six weeks, depending on the issue, and we will accept any dog, of any age with any issue.

If you are thinking about buying a dog but are worried about training them correctly get in touch with us to find out about our trained dogs. We offer trained puppies and trained adult dogs and list some of our dogs for sale on our website.

To find out more about residential training or our trained dogs for sale, fill in our contact form or call us on 01785 761 441.

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