Why choose WKD

Why choose WKD

Welcoming the perfect dog into your home, begins with selecting the right dog. In order to do that, you need to know, objectively, what your life requires. This isn't as simple as selecting a breed - in fact, there's a WHOLE LOT MORE to it than that. Read on to find out....

Why choose WKD

Welcoming the perfect dog into your home, begins with selecting the right dog. In order to do that, you need to know, objectively, what your life requires. This isn't as simple as selecting a breed - in fact, there's a WHOLE LOT MORE to it than that. Read on to find out....

Why choose WKD

Why choose WKD as a partner to supply your trained dog?

If you wish to experience the joys of dog ownership then you simply will not find a more experienced, conscientious, knowledgeable and customer focused team in our area of expertise.

Over the past decade we have moved further away from conventional concepts and training than we ever imagined.

We made this move as it became apparent just how flawed the mainstream approach to breed generalizations, training exercises and techniques really are.

The majority of Dog owners, regardless of their entry point, live a life of compromise with their dog.

They never experience the type of hassle free ownership they imagined – in fact, they get much the opposite! Due to an incorrect temperament match and a lack of effective training, borne of time constraints and a lack of ability, inclination and knowledge.


WKD began trading as a supplier of temperament tested, young adult dogs, for specialist work with government agencies on an international level. We also offered residential remedial training for family dogs which had severe issues and which displayed behaviours which were proving problematic for their owners. WKD was often, and still remains the last chance for these special dogs and their owners who were often on the verge of re home or more drastic measures.

Following the success of our residential training courses, and armed with a real world view of the stresses that are associated with owning a difficult dog and the risks encountered with trying to correctly select and raise your own puppy, we spent the following few years beginning to develop the concept of fully trained dogs, which were to be stringently selected as well rounded, happy, intelligent and biddable dogs destined to become the perfect, fully trained family companion regardless of the owners requirements.

We have quickly, through a proven track record and a constant striving for improvement, secured our place as the supplier of choice for professional couples, young families, single executives, the elderly, wheelchair users, those with learning difficulties, charitable ventures and government organisations around the world who are longing for a healthy, well mannered, obedient companion who will enhance their quality of life, in a cost and time efficient manner without exposure to the many risks associated with going it alone.

First and foremost the whole team at WKD are dog lovers. In keeping with our mission to improve the lives of dogs and people around the world despite rapid expansion in the area of fully trained family companions we continue to offer residential services to clients who are struggling with their own dogs. We make monthly charitable donations to dog related organisations whilst endeavouring to assist at least one dog and it’s owner each month who would not usually have the resources available to enlist our services.

In 2014 we became, to our knowledge the first organisation ever to be chosen as the supplier of health screened, temperament tested and obedience trained young adult dogs for ongoing training with a guide dog charity. This work was extremely rewarding and allowed us to further extend our reach by playing a valuable part in improving the lives of those with impaired vision. The initial supply of five dogs resulted in an additional three dogs supplied in early 2015. We are looking forward to further building relationships in this area of specialist work.

Late 2014 also saw us after a brief break, return to our roots when we secured the rights for the sole supply of temperament tested, young dogs, for general purpose Police and Prison duties with four separate organisations in the UK. Again, as with the guide dogs, this is a first time achievement and has never been done before.

As you will see when you browse our website and read our clients testimonials, WKD Trained Dogs have a proven and extremely successful reputation for selecting, matching, training and supplying you with your perfect canine companion regardless of your needs.

To supply you with your perfect dog, we use three simple but highly skilled and specialised steps which enable us to exceed our clients expectations time and time again.

Profile Creation & Selection

Fully understanding your requirements and exceeding your expectations is the key to our success. We have spent many years developing a unique process which allows us to work with you to gain a proper and fair representation of your likes, dislikes, wishes, expectations and training requirements for your new family member. Correctly establishing a profile for your individual dogs temperament and energy levels, which is tailored to your personal situation is the first and most important step in the process. Without this initial step we are unable and not prepared to move forwards.

With your dogs newly created profile as reference, we are able to give you details and let you meet a number of dogs within your breed, colour and gender preference, which fit your criteria for temperament and energy levels. Based on our discussions with you and your family, if we do not have the right dog available, we will begin to temperament test other available dogs which fit your requirements. A very small percentage of the dogs we view will successfully pass our stringent temperament test and we will not, under any circumstance show complacency in the selection process.

Starting with the right dog is of the upmost importance. An incorrect match of energy level is the most common reason for dogs being re-homed, and we pay much attention to ensuring that we have a correct fit in this area. Now, with potential dogs in mind, the final choice is yours. We realise that your chosen dog will be living in your home and not ours, it is essential that you are happy and have a great connection with the dog before we continue on to the next stage.


With such a strong and versatile team of staff, we have every base covered when it comes to training. From obedient family companions, to family protection dogs. From toilet training to grooming we are perfectly set up to prepare and tailor train your new dog to your personal requirements. Regardless of your environment or specific needs, we expose your dog to each element of your lifestyle whilst teaching him or her advanced obedience, toilet and crate training and house manners. Your dog will be used to travelling in vehicles and thoroughly socialised in all environments that you will encounter. In addition to our standard training, we will further tailor your new companion to perfectly suit your needs. We can get your dog used to train travel, your other pets or to accompany you to the office…..the list goes on. Whatever you require from a dog, WKD will be able to help.